Thursday, 13 November 2008

Thursday 13th November 2008

I woke up and fed Pearce then spent him and then took him down to have breakfast and the guy took his dog. After breakfast the GDMI came to take my friend and me on the first walk and Andrew on the second walk and then it was lunch and after lunch again she took Elsie and me on the first walk and the guy on the second and we went to the same place to practice the route again. Michela went home, we spent the dogs went on the treadmills in the gym and then I watched Simpson’s and then fed Pearce, spent Pearce and took him to dinner with Elsie taking Yazmin and this time Andrew also brought Fairway and everything went well no problem caused, came back watched TV had a bath and spent Pearce then went to bed.

Friday 14th November 2008

Today we went for 2 walks in harness and in the morning we went to a different area to do some work around a mini shopping area in Wolverton where we walked through the Co-op and Pearce knew where he was going I was very impressed and In the afternoon we went back to Abington Park to do a walk in the dark and we came back around 5:30pm so me and my friend went onto the treadmills for 30mins came back rested for an hour and then went down for dinner Pearce and her dog in tow then watched some TV spent Pearce and went to bed for the night.

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