Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Monday 17th Nov 08

Its a new day and we went to do buses today which I thought would be so much fun, Pearce was very well behaved and we just did a short journey there and back before heading back to the car so that my friend and her dog could give it a go so in the car I just played games and started off the diary for that day.

Then we had lunch before heading off to do Off Kerb Obstacles which are obstacles that block the whole path which means the dog has to take you round on to the road to get around it using initiative.

Then we did obedience which is very important but very boring and everything has to be done in steps such as down you have to make them sit first and it got me in a total muddle, then we did stairs which was a little more interesting and they all excelled at it, then came back for dinner.

Tuesday 18th Nov 08

This morning we had breakfast before heading off to Milton Keynes to do traffic training with the dogs which is learning how to deal with near and far traffic in the worst case scenarios, a very scary experience but we all did really well and stayed calm and we also got to meet our DM before heading back for lunch all very interesting and after lunch we did another new route before finishing for the day, i was so tired but i decided to ring my mum to find out how her day went as the kids were off school that day and everything fine but I was missing the dogs at home I have to say my wonderful boy Toby and couldnt wait to see him but only a few days left.

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