Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wednesday 12th Nov 2008

First went down to have breakfast took Pearce with me and the guy had his dog and both were very well behaved.

At about 9am our trainer came to collect me, my friend and our dogs to go back to Abington Park to do another walk and as it was bin day it would be a big test to see how well Pearce would do in leading me around all the green wheelie bins and as it was autumn alot of leaves were on the floor too and what a fantastic job he did, my trainer was laughing histerically as Pearce was trying to lead me around every bit of litter, every single leaf and anything and everything that was on the floor how cute is that, he certainly was looking after me, he got lots of encouraging words and I know he listens because my trainer told me that his right ear goes flat against his face and the left ear is turned slightly so that he can listen to every word I say and he also loves me to tickle his back every so often which tells him he has been a good boy.

We then came back for lunch and me and my friend went into the wrong bit of the restaurant as we were meant to be in the Cafe but as someone moved the tables for us we were allowed to stay there because the dogs were settled and then after lunch we were taken out for another walk before dinner and then we were so tired we all went to bed.

Thursday 13th Nov 2008

Went for two more walks today nothing exciting happened just the same route again but tomorrow apparently we will be doing a longer route through the Agora shopping centre in Wolverton.

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