Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Tuesday 11th Nov 2008

An exciting new day of starting training and the relief that now your life will be changed forever is exhilarating and you just know that now you will be able to go out and be free and not have someone with you all the time,

We did some obedience work before lunch and then at lunch I was sat next to the older lady and my trainer was sat next to the gentleman and we had a good laugh that day I was laughing histerically at the stories I was being told about her, her dogs and her previous experiences during training.

After lunch the trainer, the lady and myself and Pearce and the lady's dog drove to abington park in Northants to do our first walk of the day, its an amazing experience your first walk with a guide dog, life changing and people may say its difficult to trust a dog and at first it is but now I trust my Pearcey completely and can count on him to take me where I want when I want and know he wont let me down. Thats the end of day 2.

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