Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Wednesday 19th November 08

We did traffic training again in the morning till about 12ish and afterwards we headed to pets at home to buy a few things for our dogs, i bought a little pocket toy for after Pearce has worked as a reward for good behaviour and an assorted pack of chews. Then we got back and had our lunch a well deserved ham, cheese and tomato pannini, then the trainer took the guy first and me and my friend are going out at around 3:30pm. We went to Abington park again and did a walk around the shops and back again first me then my friend and then we headed back at about 5:30 and chiilled till dinner at 7pm and I had chicken breast with new pots and cabbage delicious lol, starter was melon and afters fruit salad very nice. I then went back to my room watched a bit of football i must have been bored to watch football lol and then decided to ring home to find that the washing machine had broken and mum had just spent £275 on a new washing machine just after sending off the deposit for our annual holiday to Cornwall I knew this would happen I was shocked but mum said we cant live without a washing machine then put the phone down took Pearce to the pen and went to bed.

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