Thursday, 6 November 2008

Thursday 06th November 2008

Today was the day Pearce was to arrive home for the weekend, All the kids and dad had gone to school and work apart from my youngest sister Jenna who was ill and mum and me of course who cleaned the house and sorted out last minute things, baked cakes and then the phone call came at 2:16pm saying that she was bringing Pearce round for 3pmish and so mum started rolling with the vacuuming cleaner, I washed and dried the dishes from making lasagne and Jenna cleaned the cooker as she was feeling brighter and then Jenna wanted to go on my DS but couldn’t find a game so I had to go upstairs to help find it and the doorbell rang and mum answered and when I came downstairs they were inside talking about the parking at school picking up time and they went on for hours and I was just waiting for her to bring in my Guide Dog, she told us what we must do and not do and then she brought him in took him in the garden and then she left us with him and he took to us immediately no problems whatsoever a bit wild at the beginning just wanting to play with Toby and Pip but them not wanting to but then he settled, unfortunately we can’t take him for walks until training is over with so that was a shame but he was ok overnight as well just a bit of howling but mum said “NO” from her bed because she couldn’t be bothered to get out and he was quiet.

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