Saturday, 15 November 2008

Saturday 15th November 2008

Today I got up at 7am took Pearce out to spend him then washed, cleaned and beautified myself before breakfast and I also fed Pearce before my friend came and knocked on my door to say “Are you Ready” I said “Yes coming in a minute” and we both went down for breakfast together as Andrew was away we took both Pearce and my friends and our GDMI was looking after Fairway at home. At 9:30 our GDMI came to collect us to do a new route with us and we went to Wolverton and went through the Agora shopping centre which was different and a lot more interesting and after we had finished we went to a field to free run Pearce and her dog and they had such a great time splashing through the river and playing with sticks and even Pearce stole a stick off a Border Collie Bless the poor Collie was lost without it what a bully he is. Then we came back Michela took Fairway out for a free run and then we had lunch together and then work was finished for the day and we could have a restful afternoon until dinner and then it was time for bed.

Sunday 16th November 2008

I got up, fed Pearce and spent him and then took him down for breakfast and I had Bacon and eggs. At 9:30 our GDMI came to take me and my friend out to do the shop route in Wolverton again and we then had lunch but my friend wasn’t feeling right so she didn’t come down to lunch and the guy returned and I met his friend. Then we had a lazy afternoon and my family came to visit at 2:45, My mum, dad, sister Jenna 13, and brother Daniel 16 came to visit and they took me out for some fresh air and then when we got back my friend came to visit with her dog not at first but mum wanted to see her so my friend brought her in and at 6 they disappeared and I watched Tv for a while until dinner, then had a bath watched I’m a celebrity get me out of here until 10 and then went to bed.

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