Thursday, 18 March 2010

Im back!!!

Hello Everyone

We are back I have been meaning to update my blog for so long now but has never got round to it after being so busy we thought we had to sit down and tell you what we have done over the past few months.

In January after we did the talk to Pupils at St Pauls School in Milton Keynes they had guide dogs as their advent charity and they did lots of different activities to raise money for the branch and on Monday 15th March A Puppy Walker and his puppy and myself and Pearce went back to the school to accept a cheque for a massive £3000 we were gob smacked and couldnt believe how well they had done!

On March 6th Pearce was 3 Years old time has flown by he has now spent two birthdays with me I just cant believe it really but I cant live without him now everybody loves him and he is just so adorable and so laid back and so we took him for a walk up the woods he had fun with water and sticks and all sorts.

Then on 16th March me and Pearce did another talk to Loughton Manor First School in Milton Keynes and the children loved Pearce and he was just so good until I bought out the Guide Dog Andrex pup he wanted to play with it and all the children started laughing, I couldnt get it off him, he did clam down in the end and I showed the children the harness and explained about guide dogs and they asked lots of interesting questions too so a successful few months with the talks which I really enjoy.

I was officially made Branch Organiser on 23rd February 2010 after our former one had to step down as she had taken on too much, so now its up to me to organise different events for us to go to and to manage a branch of volunteers! We did a collection at Tesco on 26th and 27th Feb 2010 and raised £1009.86 in total another amazing amount!

We have a few more events lined up too for the year ahead and I have written a letter which is to go out to all supermarkets in the area to see if we can get collections at the stores and I am sure more talks will be coming up now that I have been on a speaker training course and in June me and Pearce have been invited to go along to a Pets Thanksgiving Service at a Church in Bedford.

Me and Pearce are getting along fine together and are now a partnership, I hope to be back more regularly and I do enjoy reading other people's blogs too.

Hope your all well