Friday, 6 March 2009

Thursday 05th March 2009

Today was the big assembly about Guide Dogs, at 8:30 me my mum and Pearce all went to the school signed in and sat in the staff room. People were coming back and forth saying hello to Pearce telling their stories and making lots of fuss of him which he really enjoyed. Then at about 08:55 we were taken to the hall got chairs and sat down while the children came in and sat down all eyes on Pearce and then when all the children and teachers had settled down the assembly started and they sung a hymn which went like this God gave me eyes so I can see, God Gave me Ears so I can hear, God gave me Lips so I can speak, God gave me hands so I can touch God gave me feet so I can walk God made me. Then the teacher spoke about the hymn saying some people aren’t as lucky and some parts of their bodies don’t work properly and then finally the talk commenced. Me and Mum were interviewed by being asked lots of questions about Guide Dogs and we had to answer them to the children and at the end the children got to ask questions not all were answered as the assembly went longer than planned and at the end we were given a beautiful bunch of tulips and a compliments card saying thank you very much for coming to talk to us about Guide Dogs and What a good boy Pearce was just lying there and doing what was asked of him when we asked.

06th March 2009

Today was Pearce’s big day his 2nd Birthday and we went to Crufts for the day me my sister and mum. What a great day we had and it was still full after all the controversial things happening with Pedigree dogs I bought two T-shirts one Border Collie to represent my Toby and a Black Lab one to represent Pearce. For his birthday I got Pearce a chew bone and a dumbell as he loves his food and his doggy girlfriend Bella got him a sqeaky toy some chews and another squeaky bone and he also got from another doggy friend a rope bone and he also got a card from the school we visited to do the talk wasn’t that nice and what a famous boy Pearce is.