Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Nov 11th 2009

Today my mum, sister Rebekka, Pearce and myself went to London Kensington to have a look at a sight village exhibition for visually impaired people. We left at 8:45 for the station and took the 9:17 train to London Kensington, we arrived at 11am and everyone was standing outside the hall for the 2 mins silence and so we decided to join before going inside and then suddenly we heard this weird noise which sounded like a train but in fact it Pearce grumbling right in them middle of the silence and all because another guide dog had walked outside with its owner to join the silence and I was so embarrassed but couldnt stop laughing fortunately I was able to stop and tell Pearce to be quiet and then after the silence we went into the hall to have a look at all the different things that are available for visually impaired people a lot of things I knew about but still fascinating stuff and we met 3 people I knew my RNIB rehab worker, the guy I trained with during training and the lady who runs VICTA whom which I am a member, there were also lots of guide dogs there including a flat coat retriever and a german shepard. Once we had been around everything we went out into Kensington high street and had a Macdonalds and were served but my mum could not understand what was being said, we asked for 2 chicken wraps and a mac chicken sandwich and chips and coke and the lady asked well it sounded like "do you want 2 chicken selects 3 or 5" and I just burst out laughing I could not help myself and I know it was not the best and nicest thing to do but I really couldnt help myself and in the end Rebekka had to tell her what we wanted slowly which solved the problem and we then finally got our meals and we got sat down downstairs and a lovely lady came over to us and asked if Pearce wanted water and I said "yes please thats very kind of you and excellent service". After we had eaten we walked all the way to the Royal Albert hall and we let Pearce have a free run in the park which he enjoyed as there were lots of squirrels and pigeons for him to chase but he was actually very good and came back every time I called him, we then had to make a decision as to whether to carry on to Harrods or to head back and he thought it was too far to walk still as my legs were aching so much so he did head back and went to TKMaxx to look for party clothes without success even though I tried on trousers and 2 tops, the trousers were too long and did not suit me as they were skinny and one top not glitsy enough and the other I just did not have any clue how to put it on even with mum's help and again I was in fits of laughter and finally we got it on and it was to low cut for my liking afterwards we headed back to the station and got on the train for Milton Keynes and then got home and a quiet evening in such a hectic day but very good and I had a good sleep as I was so tired.

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