Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I did two talks one on fri 20th and another on mon 23rd November and both really enjoyable I was nervous but apparently i did very well by not showing it and I went to this school a few years ago and teaching assistants that helped me are still there and they all said how I have changed so much and grown in confidence I know that a few years ago I would never have been seen dead in front of 5 people let alone 300 and I am really proud of myself and everyone was really impressed and Pearce was a star performer and even bowed at the end of the assembly what a show off!

Today Nov 24th Pearce was attacked by a dobermann didnt get hurt fortunately but i am going to talk to someone within the council to see if we can get these people sorted out as there is no way of getting past them and I was nervous before but even more so now it ran across the road at us so scary but we are both ok I am pleased to say.

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