Tuesday, 1 December 2009

1 Year on

A year ago on Saturday 28th November me and Pearce celebrated our 1st year together and what a fantastic year its been.

We went to London on Sunday to Hyde Park where they have winter wonderland which has all kinds of different stalls, christmas markets, fair ground and we really enjoyed it until the rain came down and we had to take shelter but we all did get a German Sausage in a roll including Pearce as a special treat for giving me the independence that he has and a wonderful boy wouldnt have him any other way, I cant say there werent any problems because we did have a few issues but was all resolved and both of us used to walk at a snail's pace but now people call us speedy gonzalez we have gone from 0 - 100 in a few seconds even!!! thats how pleasing my boy really wants to be and he is such a handsome chap as people call him and cant resist stroking him and today was a nightmare was trying to put his handle onto his harness and people were talking to him and about him and he knows it and he was wagging his tail and he wouldnt sit still but fortunately the people stopped talking so i could get the handle on and then what do I get, he's in training we mustnt distract him but i had already got up and walked off lol, i get that all the time as I wear glasses doesnt bother me though.

We did have quite an eventful week last week beginning on Tuesday 24th Nov when Pearce got attacked by another dog but fortunately wasnt hurt but the next day we had to report it to the police and big issue who have hopefully sorted the problem out. Then on Thursday evening mum noticed a red lump on Pearce's hind leg so took him vet friday evening after trying to get hold of guide dogs dog care and welfare team and they think it is just a hot spot which could have been caused by a bite of some sort and he has aggravated it by licking it so he is on antibiotics for a week and got some cream to put on it so fingers crossed thats all it is.

My friends on that Tuesday were also told to leave a restaurant in MK city centre because of the guide dogs and now that is really not good for a city like Milton Keynes, mind you they ddid not shift but didnt give them their service either apparently a customer complaint but I do feel like walking in there and giving them what they deserve, it has been reported and hopefully should be sorted soon.

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