Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Well Today was another day but this afternoon we had a funny experience. Pearce likes to wander around the switchboard and today he went into the little office next to us and a lady from another culture was there and Pearce sniffed her apparently and my supervisor was there and this lady said to her "he sniffed me" and my supervisor goes "hes not going to bite" and then she walked back towards me Pearce in tow and then the manager of that team came round to speak to me and my supervisor and she said this lady usually prays at around 3 every day and now she cant because your dog touched her and now she is unclean so keep your dog away and we said "ok we will try to" and then this lady walked away and then as i was on the phone once i had gotten off the phone my supervisor told me all about it and I was so shocked and told some others and we just thought what rubbish I just cant believe some people, they can say things to us but we are not allowed to say things to them as it would be classed as racist, I get it all the time on the bus and I find it so unfair that I cant say anything but they can say what they like, I would like to know how others think about these issues because I really dont understand.

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