Friday, 29 January 2010

Monday's talk

I am back to let you all know how my talk went to the Pre school children who were only 3 and 4 year olds.

I have to say they were all very good indeed and throughly enjoyed our visit. We first showed them braille alphabet sheets which they were really fascinated by and they apparently went home excited to tell parents what they had been given, they were also able to try out my long cane which some children did and enjoyed trying it out and having a go to see how it is like to be visually impaired. We then went onto the guide dogs and I just said a little about pearce and did a demo which he did very well including showing me the way out lol! and then the puppy walker spoke a little about his role as a puppy walker and then it was time for them to be able to stroke the dogs and even some children who were scared came and touched and stroked Pearce even though the little pup was still to exuberant for some children, they both enjoyed all the fuss they were given. Afterwards we said our good byes and the lady kindly wrote an evidence letter for me to show that I had done the talk and how it had benefited both staff and children.

Also went round a friend's house this evening and enjoyed a cup of aero hot chocolate and a chat while her dog and Pearce played silly games together.

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